The ECOLEAF® Brand

The ECOLEAF ® brand of natural topical products was created to allow affordable, alternative treatment methods that are easily accessible and minimize adverse reactions and side effects commonly seen with prescription medications. Developed from natural plant sources by pharmacists, the ECOLEAF ® natural topical products provide symptomatic relief from pain, itching and burning and a thin protective coating for topical treatment of multiple medical conditions or damage to skin or mucous membranes in virtually all parts of the body.

About Us

The exact processes for the production of the ECOLEAF ® natural topical products are proprietary, however, these processes meet or exceed the Good Manufacturing Practices created by the World Health Organization (WHO) for Herbal Products and what few FDA regulations exist regarding OTC topical herbal products. The utilization of MDL’s state of the art equipment, such as a 400 square foot cleanroom containing a fluorometer, laminar airflow hoods, pharmaceutical mixers, tube filler, and tube sealer, separating columns and a rotary evaporator, ensures that MDL’s products have the highest quality possible.

As a licensed Wholesaler Manufacturer of OTC pharmaceuticals with the New Mexico Board of Pharmacy, Mountain Desert Laboratories LLC (MDL) manufactures ECOLEAF ® natural topical products using a combination of plant infusion oils and plant extracts which are produced by MDL and used as ingredients or components in the manufacture of its OTC topical products.

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